Vice-Chancellor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.


The German Cambridge Society was founded in 1978. Originally, it was a Dining Club of Oxford and Cambridge alumni, which came alive in 1965. Today get-togethers, dinners, debates and speeches of the German Cambridge Society take place all across Germany. Society life is also inspired by our good relations with the Cambridge Alumni Relations Office.


The German Cambridge Society works towards:

Members of the Governing Board

Meet the members of the governing board of the German Cambridge Society:

President President

Dr. Claus-Peter Martens

Magdalene (1988)

VicePresident Vice President

Dr. Peter J. Voigt

Sidney Sussex (1974)

Treasurer Treasurer

Carsten Kuhnert

Wolfson (2005)

Secretary Secretary

Timo A. Graf

Darwin (2009)

 Communication Communication 

Björn Weidner

Trinity Hall (1999)

Articles of Association

The German Cambridge Society is registered as a charitable association under German law. For details please refer to the imprint. A copy of the articles of association can be found here: Articles of Association